Friday, September 23, 2011

$200 poster above a $2000 couch

It is common today for someone to decorate their home with a nicely framed poster, like one from a museum exhibition.   In such a case, the framing probably costs more than the poster.  Most people put some effort into decorating their living space and as a result they spend thousands of dollars.  Even for people on a strict budget, the main living room is given much attention.  Despite this, wall décor is usually relegated to posters.  For less that the cost of a couch anyone can acquire a piece of art from a local artist who would be thrilled to have one of their pieces prominently displayed in a home.  Even for $500 you can find a serious work of art done by a professional artist that would light up your living room wall.

I think the problem is that most people don’t know there are local artists who make great work that they would like, or they don’t know where to look to get in contact with these artists.  Here in Grand Rapids there are many art fairs, artists markets, open studio events, and galleries.  Beyond that, you can find what ever you might be looking for to accent that couch on-line, and the artist probably lives right down the street from you.  Anyone can become an art enthusiast by only considering two things:  that original art is reasonable and readily available to buy, and that they only need to try to find work that they like.

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